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The Company  Alpha Food and Product (Thailand) as the brand state is a Thai wholly owned company dedicated to manufacture and export of Thai food and products to the worldwide market. Needless to say the company and its staff have a vast experience in the field of food and exporting to international market handling different destinations requirements. Alpha Food and Product (Thailand) today offer clients in more than 80 countries with more than 1,000 SKU’s of high quality canned food, groceries, food specialty and other agricultural products from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.The company practices the international food standard to give our customers the very best of quality.Work with us and you will agree.


Alpha Food and Product business portfolio spreads from the commodityproducts such as Canned Food, Fresh Fruits, Noodles, Paste,
Sauce, Rice,Sugar, from the general until value added product.

We are more eager to work on your product speciation, as each marketrequirements are unique. Browse into our product portfolio andyou will be amazed.


Department of International Trade Promotion

            Thai Chamber of Commerce
            Share Owners : 100% Thai



Business Operations: Manufacturer, Exporter, and Consolidator

Main Markets: Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa
Annual Sales Volume: 15,000,000 million


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